ISHOF Announces Finalists for 2020 Class

The first round of voting for the 2020 Class of the Indoor Soccer Hall of Fame produced 11 finalists as the Voting Committee looks to induct its next six members.

Forty-four players, coaches, and administrators received at least five votes from the 30-member committee. The process called for the top 10 to advance to the final round, but a three-way tie for 9th place, allowed a total of 11 to advance. Ultimately it took 12 votes to get through the first round with Andy Chapman leading all voting with 19. No coaches or administrators made the top 10.

Joining Chapman in the final round are Chico Borja, Michael King, Jan Goossens, Jorgen Kristensen, Sean Bowers, Paul Wright, David Doyle, Fred Grgurev, Paul Kitson, and Jean Willrich.

Chapman, Goossens, Borja, Bowers, Wright, and Kristensen were also finalists in 2019.

Missing the cut by one vote were Scott Manning, Karl-Heinz Granitza, Doc Lawson, Joe Reiniger, Doug Verb, and Tim Lieweke.

Michael King made the biggest jump with 17 votes, after receiving only six in 2019. Willrich went from five votes to 12, and Kitson went from six votes to 12. Players who missed out, but gained significant ground include Bernie James who went from two votes to nine, and Thompson Usiyan, who went from four to nine.

Among first time eligible players, Nick Stavrou led the way with four votes.

There are currently 34 members in the Indoor Soccer Hall of Fame including 25 players, seven coaches, and two administrators.

To be eligible for the Hall of Fame ballot, a player has to have played at least six years in the original MISL, 300 games, or 10 seasons in any indoor league. Goalkeepers must have at least 100 wins. Additionally, candidates must have been retired at least five years. The 2011-2014 voting only considered players' accomplishments in the MISL and NASL indoor through 1992, but now consideration includes all eras.

PlayerFinal SeasonFirst Round Votes
Andy Chapman1999-0019
Chico Borja1993-9417
Michael King2007-0817
Jan Goossens1991-9215
Jorgen Kristensen1986-8715
Sean Bowers2009-1015
Paul Wright2012-1315
David Doyle2003-0413
Fred Grgurev1986-8712
Paul Kitson1998-9912
Jean Willrich1988-8912